Description: Yeah, She Did
Materials and process: Jack’s porcelain, slip, underglaze, glaze. Hand-built, silkscreen monoprint.


About the artist: Brenda Danbrook grew up in rural Alberta, and was taught to use her hands productively through the model of her mother’s actions. Craft and domestic practices such as cooking, sewing, and pottery set the foundation for her love of all materials and her joy of making art. The preceding universities she studied at while working toward a Bachelors of Fine Arts were, the Australian National University, Red Deer College, The Alberta University of Art and Design, and the pottery workshop in Jingdezhen, China. Danbrook received MFA from the University of Regina (2019).


Artist Statement: My sculpture is made up of seven stacked cups that references a celebration of the everyday domestic, traditionally feminine experiences and my existence as a mother and maker. The gesture of the figure suggests strength and pride while the figure raises her arms high above her head and over the layers in the stacked forms. The number of cups represents seven days of the week. The idea that a form such as a cup is more than the sum of its parts furthers the idea of time and suggests finding more strength in the layers of everyday existence, through feminist mothering.

Danbrook, Brenda - Yeah, She Did


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