Description: Deep Black mug with Folded Handle & Saucer,

Dimensions: 7" x 4" x 4"

Materials and process: Wheel thrown, Hand Built, Stoneware, Cone 7, Electric Fired.


About the artist: Do-Hee started studying ceramics in Korea, immigrating to Canada and received her BFA degree in ceramics at Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, Alberta. Specializing in functional ware with bright colors and simple motifs such as flowers, dots and geometric drawings, her work is unique and brings her back to her childhood dreams. Do-Hee’s collection can be found in the Alberta Foundation of the Arts, and the Canada Council for the Arts and is exhibited in galleries across Canada, the United States, Australia and Korea. Her work is also featured in the 500 teapots and 500 pitchers books.


Artist Statement: Bringing in an antiquish style to my work using doily patterns, childlike flowers, geometric drawings and playful colors is nostalgic. Folded clay parts create the illusion of softness and warmth of fabrics. Drawing simple motifs and playing with colors became therapeutic. My intent is for my pieces to give joy and comfort. Drinking from my mug reminds me of happy moments in my life. I hope others to feel the same.

Sung, Do Hee - Deep Black mug with Folded Handle & Saucer,


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