Description: Bottle Cup with Tenticles


Materials and process: Zara uses a variety of found plastic objects, such as bottles, as moulds to design and create sculptural and functional works. Coral structures and/or organisms can be found ‘growing’ on or ‘consuming’ the object through the addition of hand-built forms. In having these recognizable plastic objects reproduced into a functional ceramic form, she is giving them a permanence in our everyday life as opposed to a brief encounter at the time of use, reminding users that these single-use plastic objects are forever permanent and constantly accumulating at an alarming rate in the environment.


About the artist: Zara was born and raised on the island of Barbados and spent her formative years there, studying and working between Canada and Barbados, respectively. She has a diverse background in fine art, currently focusing predominantly on ceramics. She received her BA (Hons.) in Fine Art from the University of Guelph in 2010 and most recently a Certificate in Ceramics from the Haliburton School of Art and Design, Fleming College in 2016 where she received the 2017 Ceramics Certificate Award and was named to the President’s Honour Roll 2017. Most recently, she was awarded the 2018 Craft Ontario Affiliate Award in Fusion’s Emerging Artists Exhibition, ‘Breakthrough’.


Artist Statement: Zara's work explores the intricate and fragile beauty of coral reef ecosystems and their inhabitants evoking a sense of examination, concern and awareness with the human caused threats they face such as plastic pollution and climate change. Her work strives to visually communicate, stimulate and provoke the conscience of consumers of single-use plastic disposables. She uses a variety of found plastic objects as moulds to design and create sculptural and functional works. In repurposing these plastic objects, she is giving trash a ‘rebirth’ in the hopes of provoking thoughts on reconsidering how we use everyday materials, reminding us to be environmentally responsible with our waste.

Gardner, Zara - Bottle Cup with Tenticles


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