Description: Oak leaf tumbler set 

Materials and process: Wheel-thrown, mid-range slipware with a variety of techniques (slip-trailing, dotting, mono-printing, sgraffito, latex resist)


About the artist: I am a studio potter, educator, singer, mother, activist, gardener living on Vancouver Island. I make wheel-thrown and handbuilt functional slipware. My studio is tucked in the corner of a quonset hut behind a rotating house. Sometimes hummingbirds nest outside the window.


Artist Statement: For the most part, I make bright, playful utilitarian pottery. The work is energetic, with dynamic contrasts between a dark stoneware body and colourful, textural slips. I strive to make objects that can be used with joy and ease. My work is influenced by historical slipware, yet is comfortable in a contemporary setting. I use a blend of slip techniques including marbling, dotting, mishima, latex resist, stencils, slip-trailing and sgraffito. Much of my imagery comes from the wild world around me, but is also informed by politics, photography, graphic novels, kids books, poetry and music.

Sullivan, Faro Annie - Oak Leaf Tumbler Set (2 tumblers)


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