Description: Apprentice Luck, June 2019

Materials and process: Glazed P700 with underglaze pencil drawing. These works were completed during a residency in June 2019 at Medalta and are a collaborative effort between myself, Chris Savage, and Erin Berry. Combining playful imagery and colourful glazes we aimed to make work that walks a fine line between sculptural and functional.


About the artist: Christopher Savage is an artist and designer who grew up in Victoria, BC, were he completed his BFA at the University of Victoria. Recently, he completed his MFA at the University of Calgary and participated in residencies at the Banff Arts Centre and Medalta.


Artist Statement: I aim to make visible the multiplicities, fluidity, and depth of unconscious experience. Evoking a strangeness that is phantasmagoric, my work offers the opportunity for reflective practice, positioning the viewer between a sense of clarity and fragmentation. The process of introversion is very necessary in our society because it affords one a greater personal and collective understanding. By challenging our own ideas of the self, we gain further insight into who we are and how we fit together in our ever changing world.

Savage, Chris - Apprentice Luck


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