Description: Prairies, 2019


Materials and Process: cone 6 with glaze, underglaze and slip detail, Wheel thrown


About the artist: Juliana Rempel is a graduate of Emily Carr University in Vancouver where she received her Bachelor in Visual Arts degree. Following this, she attended Cardiff School of Art and Design in Wales, UK where she completed her Master of Arts degree in Ceramics. Juliana has had the opportunity to attend art residencies such as the International Ceramic Studio in Hungary, Fourwinds Arts Residency in France as well as here in Canada at Medalta International Ceramic Residency in Medicine Hat, Alberta. She has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally, most recently her work has been shown at the Augsburg University Art Gallery (Minneapolis, Minnesota), the Alberta Craft Gallery (Calgary, Alberta), Archie Bray Foundation (Helena, USA), Art Souterrain (Montreal, QC), The Gardiner Museum (Toronto, ON), and as part of ‘Oh Ceramics’ exhibition at the Esplanade Museum and Gallery (Medicine Hat, AB). Juliana resides and maintains a studio practice in Bragg Creek Alberta and is currently teaching independent classes out of her home studio as well as being a sessional faculty at AUarts. The world is so fast and its hard to keep up with. Whatever is able to slow us down, to keep us in single moment for a little longer I feel is important in maintaining a balance and a peace. The ceramic objects I make all try and slow down moments by breaking them down conceptually or by providing specific and special objects that honour the rituals of our day, however simple and insignificant those moments may be.


Artist Statement: Clay is the beginning, it is soft and malleable, it is fragile and impermanent. Through the firing process clay transforms into a material that exhibits completely different properties. Ceramic is hard and fixed, it is strong and permanent. With each piece I make I learn more about these stages and about my voice within this process. My practice is constantly moving and constantly changing. Each piece inspires the next, there may be a mark that shows up in a mug and that mark ends up growing and adapting in each subsequent piece. It would seem that I’m always starting something new but each element within that new piece has grown out of every piece I have made up to that point.

Rempel, Juliana - Prairies


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