Description: The Burden of Function, 2019, Ceramic

Materials and process: Ceramic


About the artist: I am an artist consumed with people, arts capacity to have us consider and reconsider our relationships to one another. I am from Southern Ontario but studied art and education in Thunder Bay. I am came to calgary to begin an MFA in ceramic craft about a year ago.


Artist Statement: The goblet/cup hybrid occupies that precarious space between sculptural and functional, which I intended to reflect in the figures posture. As a functional vessel, these works beg to be wielded by viewers, as they evoke a curiosity as to how they may feel in the palm of one’s hand. As sculptures these works call upon the viewer to recall the unspoken rules of the white cube, therein communicating to the viewer that these works are elevated and not to be handled casually. As people that are sceptical or even dismissive of the functional/sculptural dicitomy, these works may simply yield a giggle considering that the users of these vessel look like giants drinking the load that these figures struggle to bear.

O'Reilly, Matthew - The Burden of Function


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