Description: Dancing Petals Mug

Dimensions: 12.5 x 8 x 8 cm

Materials and process: Wheel thrown, carved and fired to cone 6 oxidation.


About the artist: Paula Cooley is a clay artist from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan creating both sculptural and functional ceramics. She has a Diploma in Ceramics from SIAST and a BFA from the University of Saskatchewan. Her work has been juried into international and national exhibitions including the Fireworks 2019, Prairie Excellence (2010), Unity and Diversity at Cheongju International Craft Biennale (2009), and nine Dimensions exhibitions, the Saskatchewan Craft Council’s biennial exhibition celebrating excellence and innovation in craft. Paula has pieces in the public collections of Global Affairs Canada, the Saskatchewan Arts Board, and the Mann Art Gallery.


Artist Statement: Inspired by the natural world I create work that is elegant, animated and often whimsical. Curiosity fuels my ceramic practice. I work intuitively, reacting to and modifying a piece until it is resolved. My background and formal training in craft leads me to a careful manipulation of materials and attention to detail. I use various clay bodies, varying from earthenware to porcelain, according to the technical demands of the piece and possible surface treatments. I strive to create interesting surfaces and work with various firing techniques ranging from mid-range oxidation to high fire atmospheric firings such as salt and soda.

Cooley, Paula - Dancing Petals


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