Description: “Cambia, Todo Cambia/Everything Changes” evokes the revolutionary music of Argentina singer Mercedes Sosa, known throughout Latin America as the soundtrack of leftist movements. Her lyrics are juxtaposed with a photo of my sister, prior to our family fleeing Argentina for Canada in 1982.


Materials and process:


About the artist: Juana Berinstein is a queer, Jewish and Argentine-born Canadian citizen. She was formally educated at the University of Toronto in Gender Studies and at Ryerson University in Communication and Culture. A member and editor of the Toronto Potters newsletter, Juana is an active part of the ceramics community in Toronto. Juana has been in juried exhibitions with Fusion Clay and Glass and with Companion Gallery. She has a studio practice in Toronto where she lives with her partner and their two children.


Artist Statement: Working in ceramics and incorporating text and images, Juana Berinstein’s work explores politics, dynamics and histories that shape experiences and relationships to each other and the world. Her work makes brings the political to the quotidian and the intimate, by creating objects that are both functional and which connect and remind us of the larger forces at play in our lives.

Berinstein, Juana - Cambia, Todo Cambia (Everything Changes)-pair of cups


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