Description: Anahita Cup #1


Materials and process: Thrown stoneware, carved black slip. Cornwallstone glaze. Fired to cone 10 reduction


About the artist: After completing a BFA in sculpture at the University of Waterloo in 1994, I was eager to expand my clay work into functional ware. I completed a Professional Diploma in Ceramics at the Centre de ceramiques BonSecours in Montreal in 1997. It was during my studies in Montreal that I discovered the art of sgraffito; carving through a layer of coloured slip to the clay beneath to create contrast. Twenty years later, I am still enthralled with sgraffito as a surface design in my wares. I am part of a working potters guild and fire to cone 10 reduction.


Artist Statement:  beauty of functional art captivates me, especially pottery. I love the nature of clay, it’s plasticity, and all the possibilities that quality allows for. Creating pots is also a lengthy and varied journey with many variables – there are endless possibilities, endless learning. I throw with stoneware, and use sgraffito as a surface design technique. The carved imagery hints of a possible narrative, inspired by the environment in which I live; the Coastal mountains and the Pacific ocean.

Arkiletian, Kate - Anahita Cup #1


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