Description: Yellow Rain Over Earth Mug

Materials and process: woodfired porcelain. All work is slab built. I throw out the slabs by hand and create the textures through a process I have developed over years.


About the artist: I grew up on the Manitoba prairie outside of Winnipeg. My mother is a painter and fabric artist; my father is a wood worker. I attended the University of Manitoba to study Fine Arts, and it was there that I discovered clay and how the material satisfied my need to build things in the third dimension. Always a lover of lego and k’nex, I realized I thrived on the technical challenges the ceramic medium has to offer. After graduating with a Fine Arts Honours Degree, I became the Ceramic Technician at the Winnipeg Art Gallery’s Studio Programs.


Artist Statement: I am a shaper of earth, transforming raw mud into hybrid forms of sculpture and pottery. My work yearns to be touched – forging an irresistible physical connection between artist, viewer, user and source – our planet. I react to texture; the deep and seemingly arbitrary patterns that arise throughout daily travels, and invite you to immerse yourself in a vision of the alive and tactile landscapes we encounter daily.

Nykoluk, Crystal - Yellow Rain Over Earth Mug


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