Description: Soda Fired Mug

Materials and process: porcelain clay, soda fired

About the artist: I have a strong connection to Canada’s North, having been raised in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories and now living in Whitehorse, Yukon. My ceramic practice has taken me many places outside the North, including a professional year-long residency at The Shaw International Centre for Contemporary Ceramics in Medicine Hat, Alberta. Where, I was introduced to soda firing. My recent work strives to capture the look and feel of the northern landscape, I experience.


Artist Statement: My ceramic practice is largely influenced by my physical environment and my quiet place in this environment. Canada’s North is what I know and where I call home. I work intuitively, and take a fluid approach to altering and texturing the clay surface, during the throwing process, to create movement through a rhythmic pattern. These markings identify my work and natural muted colours are realized through the glazing and soda firing process, which adds the life and depth, I want to capture in this experience. Through the atmospheric firing process, landscapes emerge and come to life for me.

Kruse, Astrid - Soda Fired Mug


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