Description: What is beneath the skin
Materials and process: Porcelain. This work started with a collection of Kodachromes found in my grandfathers study from his time as a pathologist. I initially did embroideries of the images on the Kodachrome slides and then 3D scanned and printed the texture of the embroidered biopsy. What is beneath the skin is exploration of collaboration with 3D technology and an examination of the emotional weight we hold through illness. #2 Candy Cobra is a cup created in collaboration with artist Chris Savage. Throughout our time together at Medalta we created works together combining Savage's illustrations and my glaze body research on thrown vessels.

About the artist: Erin Berry has an BFA from Concordia University with a Major in Ceramics. She has worked as a studio intern for artist Beth Cavener, a production associate at Medalta and a research assistant to artist, Linda Swanson. Her fibers and ceramic works have shown throughout Canada and the United States, most recently Vermont and Montreal, with her first solo show taking place at Xchanges Gallery in Victoria, BC in 2017. Erin recently completed a residency focusing on sustainability in ceramics at Concordia University. She also recently completed a Short-term Artist Residency at Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center in Denmark this May.

Artist Statement: My work uses clay and ceramics to explore human pathology through examination and experimentation, both of which produce unpredictable or unplanned outcomes. I am particularly interested in the undesirable or altogether unwanted and as a locus of intrigue and imagination. I am currently bringing in the digital combined with manual and material processes in ceramics to explore, expand and extend the content of the very medical imagery used by my relatives to treat their patients. My treatment of these images as they are translated through various materials is a way to explore parts of the body that we usually only consider as a diagnosis.

Berry, Erin - What is Beneath the Skin


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