Description: mini mug

Materials and process: porcelain. Slab and pinched coil mug wrapped with pattern and colour


About the artist: I grew up in a small rural town in the middle of the Yukon. My family is full of skilled craftspeople and entrepreneurs - and I was a very good assistant. This tactile upbringing led me to study at the Alberta College of Art and Design (now AUArts) where I fell in love with clay. After a quick stint of business school, I graduated with a BFA in 2016 and started my own studio practice. I currently live and work in Calgary, slowly filling my studio with handbuilt pottery and cats.


Artist Statement: I make pots that encourage people to think more critically about the functional objects they consume. My pots are hand-built using a combination of slabs and pinched coils, which leaves the surfaces dimpled by my fingertips. A hand-carved pattern wraps the exterior and colour is added to accentuate form and texture. The combination of dimply softness and colour elicits interaction and investigation. The marks made during production are evident and invite the user to explore the process of how the objects were made, which hopefully allows the user to engage with the pots differently.

Ronaghan, Kellsey - mini mug


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