Description: Budgie Yunomi

Materials and process: Clay, underglaze, glaze, china paint, luster. Wheel thrown, mishima decoration, decorated to death with glazes and decals


About the artist: Mariko Paterson is an artist who hails from Vancouver, but has trained, travelled and taught all over North America and exhibited worldwide. Halifax, Nova Scotia serves as the headquarters for Forage Studios where she produces a subversive strain of handbuilt and thrown work ceramic fused with illustrated and decaled narratives.


Artist Statement:

What’s a cup worth…(Sung to the Tune of the Tom Tom Club's Wordy Rappinghood)

Cups they come in shapes and sizes

Big and small and tall surprises

Often holding liquid treasures

Cups can serve up other pleasures

Ice cream, soup and hardboiled eggs

Go give your cup some imaginary legs!

What else can that beauty hold?

Why that’s your story to be told

Cups of plenty, cups galore

Cups of Ambition will stock this store!

So when in doubt just start to shout!

Cups you rock my whole world out!

This is the Wordy Cuppinghood!

What’s a cup worth…

What’s a cup worth..

What’s a cup worth…


Paterson, Mariko - Budgie Yunomi


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