Description: Moon Basket

Materials and process: Egyptian Faience, porcelain, metal, saggar fired - cone 6

About the artist: Bernadette Pratt’s formal education in ceramic started 1994 in London, England at Camberwell College of Art and Design, where she completed a BA (HON) in ceramics. There she developed her unique work in high-fired Egyptian Faience. Her sculptural vessels mimic geological formations. Bernadette’s sculptural work can be found in a number of collections in Europe; her work process has been described in several publications. Recently she joined a group of mid-career ceramicists in a Fusion mentorship program. This was followed by an invitational symposium at ISC, in Kecskemét, Hungary.


Artist Statement: Bernadette Pratt’s interest and commitment to the ceramic tradition are present in her choice of form and material. Egyptian Faience is her link to a rich ceramic heritage. She over-fires the paste so that the clay body behaves more like glass; it transmutes and takes on a completely new structure. The unpredictability of this method punctuates her creative journey. The shards of the discarded pieces become the bones of new re-assembled and re-fired vessels. The constant struggle to balance achievement and disappointment are her daily emotional and intellectual fuel in her artistic pursuit of excellence. In her work she explores these two polar opposites to convey harmony.

Pratt, Bernadette - Moon Basket


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