Description: Everything Will Be Okay Cup


Dimensions: 8.25cm x 12cm

Materials and process: △6 ox. stained stoneware and porcelaneous stoneware with grog, underglaze image transfer, △018 decal. Wheel thrown and altered, glossy clear finish with a floral underglaze transfer and hand drawn decals on the outside.


About the artist: Danièle Stewart is an Ottawa ceramic artist who graduated from NSCAD University in 2012 with a BFA major in Ceramics. During her degree, she studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and in 2014 Danièle attended a 6 month artist residency at Medalta in Medicine Hat, AB. Currently, she works part time as a designer and teacher at Loam Clay Studio in Ottawa.


Artist Statement: I create work that is subtle and clean yet still makes the user aware of the fact that this object they are using was made by the hands of another. I leave tactile marks made by my hands to create moments of connection for the user to myself. Hand drawn illustrations, or words that bring comfort to myself, decorate the surface of my work. In this display of vulnerability, I hope to bring a form of comfort to the person using the piece; that within the moments they may have with this object they know that “EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY”.

Stewart, Danièle - Everything Will Be Okay Cup (#2)


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