Description: Cthulhu Stein

Materials and process: Thrown then sprigged from original molds designed and created by the artist. Stoneware, oxidation fired.


About the artist: Ceramic artist Andrew Tarrant is an accomplished practitioner of sprigged decoration. His work is a contemporary view of classical pottery forms influenced by historical and mythological themes and a modern humor. Born in the UK, and moving to Canada at a young age his early memories of England promoted the evolution of his artistic career. Since graduating from ACAD in 1990 he has created work for clients worldwide, represented in numerous collections and exhibitions including the Faenza 53rd International Competition of Contemporary Ceramics. Currently working on his MFA at The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art & Design in Wroclaw, Poland.


Artist Statement: The world grows smaller each day and we all strive for individuality to define ourselves. We sometimes forget those things that connect us, those images and feelings that we all have no matter who, or where we are. I seek to find those primal images that connect us all and represent them in my work through form and decoration. The images are from historical record, dreams and media old and new. My vessels attempt to hold more that the physical, they hold histories, ideas and emotions and they show this through their form, composition and decoration.

Tarrant, Andrew - Cthulhu Stein (#2)


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