Description: Tweet Over Coffee Cup

Materials and process: Wheel-thrown and Hand-built Wood firing, Cone 10. (Stand not included)


About the artist: Finding renewed interest in pottery and ceramics, Eliza has been establishing her own artistic style that combines her Chinese culture with dynamic forms and techniques. She has exhibited her work and received awards in B.C., the United States and internationally abroad. Eliza draws inspiration from those around her and is constantly exploring new ideas to challenge herself to do better.


Artist Statement: My work is about balance and fusion: The balance between form and surface design and the fusion of western culture and my Chinese heritage. Using nature as my inspiration, I like to layer its meaning into my pieces by celebrating the symbolism behind particular animals, plants and flowers. More often than not, the symbols and motifs seen on Chinese decorative arts are not merely decorative but represent hidden meanings that convey wishes for good things in life. My work is successful when it can stir conversation behind the hidden meaning, and people enjoy the look and feel of the pieces.

Wang, Eliza - Tweet Over Coffee


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