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under construction

Currently our organization pages are still under construction. We apologize for the delay...actually that's so Canadian of us to apologize isn't it? In reality this directory has been in development for over two years now and the delays that have slowed our progress are solely due to the fact that we have been building this directory on 100% volunteer time. All of the hours that have been put into this directory have been at the expense of an artist not being in their studio. So I guess while we don't begrudge the time put into this massive project, we also kinda don't feel like apologizing for the delay. So sorry, but we're not sorry. How Canadian of us....

While you wait if you'd like to support the Canadian Clay Directory you can drop us a line at to discuss sponsorship opportunities or feel free to just help us out with a donation through the DONATE button below. Any and all donations are greatly appreciated. Even the price of a coffee, well....will get us some coffee for those long nights of work! Thanks in advance for considering helping out the ceramics community, and make and do, with a financial donation.

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