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canadian ceramics

Carole Epp

It's simple really, I like to make things that make people smile. I want to be a maker of objects that through their imagery, evoke nostalgia, innocence and love. Perhaps sometimes a greater narrative or story is lurking in the images sometimes not. Within the whirlwind of a busy life with two young children, my functional ceramics have evolved towards contemporary narrative representations and whimsy. From books and their elaborate illustrative art, to my children’s drawings and imaginations I find inspiration all around me. The reward of this work for me is that young and old find happiness though the work and its engagement with nostalgia and familiar imagery. I also create sculptural work; figurines mainly. Both series of work through different means thematically and conceptually address contemporary politics, craft production and it's relationship to capitalist society. My art work has been shown internationally, but I see my art practice as also encompassing many other creative endeavors such as critical and non-academic writing on craft, curatorial projects and art as activism. In 2017 I received the immense honor of receiving the Artist of the Year award from Ceramics Monthly in recognition of  years of advocating for the ceramic community through such projects as Musing About Mud (established in 2007): an online curatorial project and community resource on ceramic arts internationally.



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