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Arrowmont Porcelain Serving Bowl, porcelain/cone 6 soda fired/ arrowmont and clear glaze, 6.5� wide at the mouth, 7.5� wide at the belly, 4.� tall and holds 2L.
Jai Sallay-Carrington (they/them) just graduated with their MFA from University of Washington. As a queer and non-binary artist, their figurative sculptures focus on exploring themes of gender and sexuality, mostly being depicted through animal-human hybrids. They will be starting a one-year artist in residence program at Baltimore Clayworks in the fall of 2023. They make some pottery as their side-project. If you have questions about this work please contact the artist at:,, IG: @jscreatures
(prices on my website are listed in USD)

Jai Sallay-Carrington Arrowmont Porcelain Serving Bowl

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