• carole epp

introducing...Shane Weaver

Where do you currently live?

Currently I am living in Toronto. I moved here when I was 18 to go to art school and I love it!

Tell us the best thing about that city.

FOOD! I love food. I love having access to everything I need when I need it. I love being able to get around easily without a car and to be able to have access to a multitude of shops and galleries to get the creative juices flowing.

If you didn’t live there you’d love to live…..

Hands down New York City. I love the vibe and the grittiness of the city.

Out side of ceramic art what other types of art/design/fashion etc are you drawn to and does it influence your work?

I am definitely drawn to cross stitching and other needle point work. I draw a lot of inspiration from cross stitch patterns since they are so similar to the 8-bit video game imagery that inspires most of my work.

If you couldn’t be an artist next best job would be:

Working as a Lego sculpture assembler. Best dream job EVER! Other than being a potter of course!

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve done in the name of art?

Back in art school I wove a tapestry out of hundreds of gumballs that I pierced using a rusty nail. I probably should have checked to make sure my tetanus booster was up to date before I started...

No cheating what’s the book beside your bed?

Bridget Jones Diary. And no, I am not ashamed!

If you could exhibit your work alongside any artist, alive or dead who would you want to show with?

I would have loved to do collaborative work with Andy Warhal. Or at least just have been one of his Factory buddies.

Name someone everyone should follow on instragram:

@Ayumihorie. LOVE!

Best tip you’ve ever been given on how to be an artist:

Never get a full time job outside of your practice. The first few years out of school are going to be hell but with a lot of hard work and blood, sweat, and tear things do get easier. Just stay in the studio and make, make, make!

Favorite thing to listen to in the studio:

I listen to a lot of audio books. Its a great way to combine "reading" and working. That or Britney Spears haha

Creative blocks? How do you fix them?

I go to the gym. Its my alone time that is just for me. Its routine and I can think. I also take 20 minute showers multiple times a day. The water helps me think.