Celebrate Canada Day with 2 new Guest Artists!

That's right, this month we are hosting not 1 but 2 guest artists. What's more Canadian then sharing even more #canadianceramics with you all?

Please help us to welcome Jing Huang and Cheng-Ou Yu of Ontario.

Jing Huang

Cheng-Ou  Yu

Jing Huang

1. Where is your studio located? How long have you been there? What's one of the perks of being a maker in that community? I’m currently an Artist-in-Residence at the Harboufront Centre in Toronto. So this is my studio now! I’ve been here since last November. It’s so happy and precious that you can work in a community where everyone can understand, encourage and inspire each other.

2. Can you tell us a bit about one of your mentors, someone without who you likely wouldn't be a ceramic artist. Linda Sormin. She is my first professor when I just came to Canada. She taught me that life is more than just the grind but rather it is about creating meaning.

3. Looking around your local or provincial community can you name 3 other clay artists that should be on our radar? Marissa Alexander Ying-Yueh Chuang Janet Macpherson 4. Would you describe your work as having any inherent Canadian Aesthetic? If so can you describe how you might perceive stylistic trends in contemporary Canadian Ceramics. I was born and raised in China. Canada, is a this totally different and diverse environment compared to back home, So after three years learning and doing ceramics here it has allowed me to reflect a lot on my work. My works are the voice and imagination of my life outside my country. They record the feelings and changes in my life. I think it naturally mix with the Chinese (Asian) and Canadian (Western) culture and aesthetics.

5. What are your favorite forms to work with? Where do you draw your inspiration from? Figure. My inspiration comes from my experience living in an unfamiliar environment and landscape. It always refreshes my mind.

6. Can you retell one of your favorite stories about being an artist? I have always struggled with my parents inability to understand and appreciate what I am doing now. I have a cousin whom is always a good girl in their eyes – making decisions they believe is right. After she had her own career, she found that she really loves baking. One day she asked me, do you really enjoy what you are doing now? I said yes. And she said she is so jealous of me. 7. Were there any hard challenges you had to overcome in your career? What did you learn from mistakes or challenges? Could you offer some advice for others who are trying to have similar success as makers? I had a hard time creating my work when I just came to Canada. It has really been a challenge to become familiar