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a chat with the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler...

Hey all, Carole here!

So the other day I had the great honor of sitting down for a chat with Ben Carter of the Tales of a Red Clay Rambler podcast. Now if you don't know anything about Ben or the podcast then chances are you might have been living under a rock or a shard pile for the last few years (no offense).

The Tales of a Red Clay Rambler podcast has interviewed some of the most influencial movers and shakers, artists, and culural producers in the international ceramic community. Ben is such an amazing maker and a tireless advocate and contributer to our cultural sector, he really is one of our charming princes of Ceramica!

So please take a minute to have a listen to this weeks podcast where you'll get to hear me chat about make and do before Ben goes on to do a great interview with Chris Staley.

Also Ben (alongside Molly Hatch) is behind the online course THINK BIG 2 which just started this past week. You can still sign up for this course which talks with contemporary makers about a variety of things business and art related. Find out more here.

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