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3 Months with Fornax NSCAD Ceramics Department Year End Show April 12-16

As is the tradition with all the art schools and university fine art programs across our vast, vast land, NSCAD culminates in a year-end presentation of the fruits of their labour, ceramic et al. This year, the ceramics department has entitled the show 3 Months With Fornax. (According to Wikipedia Fornax is Latin for Furnace, a constellation in the Southern hemisphere and a Roman Goddess.)

Once renowned for producing students who dazzled (and continue to dazzle) the world with thrown and altered wares a la Walter Ostrom, (Think Joan Bruneau, Friederike Rahn, Jim Smith, Greg Payce and Katrina Chaytor) the program, under Neil Forrest and Rory MacDonald, has since folded in an element of interdisciplinary driven students and ideas. Matt Wedel, Zimra Beiner, Ying Yueh Chuang are some of the more sculptural finests to have wedged their way to success through NSCAD.

So please find your way down at NSCAD’s beautiful Port Campus to see what will hopefully be added to the list of NSCAD “greats.” Most frequently heard comment of the evening? "It is one of the of the strongest showings of work the department has put forth in some time."

To that end, a special tip of the sou’wester shall be made to students Julian Covey and Vanessa Vaughan for wrestling the massive space and plethora of talent into a cohesive show. What a strong display of group talent it really was and kudos to all graduating and continuing on in their ceramic infused studies.

As a final must see, please make the time to see the MFA Thesis Exhibition of Eva Mary Alysse Bowd entitled The Scream Catchers at the Anna Leonowens Gallery now through April 23. 1891 Granville Street. Halifax, NS.

NSCAD Faculty (Current) Neil Forrest

Rory MacDonald

Joan Bruneau

Rachel de Condé

Jeff Chown

And of course, Doug Bamford as Tech to the future stars

Please find below but a smattering of the work represented by the show. Once again, the hits go on and on so forgiveness is sought for not being able to include every piece.

Pictured right:

Annabel Biro

Vanessa Vaughan. The Implicate Order and It's Primordial Ooze. Stoneware, silicone.

Trevor Novak. Winning. Porcelain.

Niki Regeni. Untitled. Stoneware, Textiles.

Julian Covey. Kerberos. Porcelain.

Malory Tate. Sentimental Object #1. Porcelain.

Kate Grey. Superficial (WASP). Porcelain

Geneviève Brideau &Theo J Parker Houghtailing. Still Life. Earthenware.

Toni Losey. Tied down. Thrown and altered red earthenware with white terra sigilatta. Mixed Media.

Jillian Forster. Have Your Cake. White Earthenware, vitreous engobe, cake and broken bottles

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