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introducing...Katy Drijber

Where do you currently live?

Coleman, Alberta

Tell us the best thing about that city.

The great outdoors that surround it, and the amazing historic buildings that make up the tiny tiny town.

If you didn’t live there you’d love to live…..

in Reykjavik maybe? but in Canada, well, Dawson City, YK

Outside of ceramic art what other types of art/design/fashion etc are you drawn to and does it influence your work?

I draw a lot, sketching figures and animals in my sketchbook. I love books of illustrations, narratives told with pictures. I look at a lot of textiles as well - from sashiko embroidery to lace to simple everyday clothing - from which I draw a lot of my patterns.

If you couldn’t be an artist next best job would be:

Hiking guide or naturalist

What’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve done in the name of art?

Moved my entire life to Durango for a summer to work for free for someone who I barely knew at all (good thing we got along!)

No cheating what’s the book beside your bed? book currently, a pile of medicines for my pneumonia and roll of toilet paper to deal with my sinus infection... exciting! haha

If you could exhibit your work alongside any artist, alive or dead who would you want to show with?

Lucie rie, though she would put me to shame; I just love her work so much!

Name someone everyone should follow on instragram:

@natgeo - beautiful images, great snippets of stories. often a nice thought to start the brain cranking!

Best tip you’ve ever been given on how to be an artist:

Just don't stop.

Favorite thing to listen to in the studio:

Often silence, to be honest. it helps me stay focussed on what I am doing.

Creative blocks? How do you fix them?

I just make through it. Even if i don't feel like it. I know every time i have a making cycle something new does come up...if I'm bored of what I'm doing i try to follow the thread of whatever new thing comes out.

Do you have a super power? If yes what? If no what super power would you choose?

Haha no super power...if i could chose one, it would either be flying, or the ability to stop time to get more things done in a day...

One goal, art related or otherwise, that you want to accomplish before you die?

To be respected by my peers...simultaneously an achievable and very lofty goal i think!

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