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make and do out and about!

All of our members are busy in the studios most days, but we do still manage to get out and teach workshops, have exhibitions and do handmade markets. Here's a few of the fine places you can catch up with us and our work this spring:

Katriona Drijber:

Jenna Stanton:

  • APRIL 2 - JULY 2, 2016

  • ""Fine craft and digital technology can seem like an unlikely or contradictory pairing. The incorporation of digital technology into fine craft challenges us with questions of where it is produced, the level of skill required to create it and the degree that it is made by hand. Yet fine craft has a long tradition of innovation and the integration of this new technology is no exception. #ABCraft looks at how digital technology is enhancing or impacting fine craft artists in Alberta.

Robin Dupont:

  • Juror of: Cheers!– 4th annual Medalta International Ceramics Exhibition, accepting online submissions now through June 10th.

  • Guest artist at Fired Up 2016, Metchosin Vancouver Island, May 27-29th. This year’s theme is Wood Firing.

  • Faculty at Banff Centre for the Arts, Kiln Building Residency May 30 – June 24th, Banff Alberta

Krystal Speck:

Kalika Bowlby:

Marney McDiarmid:

  • A Sense of Place - Views of Kingston by the Artists of OKWA. It is at the Pump House Steam Museum and runs from April 1st to April 31st.

  • Wall Space Gallery from June 29th - July 24th

  • Bowls, Cups, Tumblers & More! With Marney McDiarmid

June 27th-30th, 9am-4pm Cost $203.48

The piece is called There are a lot of things I do not know  Materials: Clay, paper, archival documents (1874 Deed to Rabbit Island; 1892 Thousand Island Group Auction poster, Thousand Islands print advertisement, map of Thousand Islands) These archival materials document the sale of aboriginal land in the Thousand Islands and raise questions about about the context in which these islands were sold.

Russell Hackney:

  • Address Assembly May 5th - 8th at the Waterfall Building //1540 West 2nd Ave, Vancouver.

Sarah Pike:

April Gates:

Carole Epp:

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